Cuckold Phone Sex and Cuckold Fantasies with Hot Wives

cuckold phone sex and cuckold fantasies with sexy hot wives

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If you're "hot" for hot wives and looking for hot cuckold phone sex fantasies or discussion about the hot wife lifestyle, you've come to the right place. Our cuckolding hot wives are experts on the world of hot wives and cuckold husbands. We understand what a turn on it is to watch your hot wife being pleasured by another man. Tell us your cuckold confessions and we'll tell you our hot wife stories. You can't talk to most people about it but cuckold phone sex and our sexy cuckolding hot wives are the perfect outlet for your hot wife fantasies.

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Phone Sex

Cuckolding hot wives is a cuckold phone site for cuckold husbands, hot wives and others with a cuckold fetish to discuss the hot wife / cuckold lifestyle, cuckold marriage, and cuckold fantasies.

Are you interested in cuckold phone sex? Do you have cuckold fantasies? A cuckolding couple involves a relationship between a husband, a wife, and another male. The cuckold husband is often unable to sexually satisfy his wife because he has a small cock or is sexually inept. The cuckold wife, often called a hot wife, chooses other men to have sex with. The hot wives in a cuckold relationship seek out a cuckold bull --- usually a man with a large cock, who can satisfy her better.

Cuckold humiliation and small cock humiliation is often a big part of the cuckold relationship as well as most cuckold fantasies. The cuckold husband becomes the beta male in the relationship and the cuckold bull is the alpha male. The humiliated cuckold watches his wife become sexually aroused and sexually satisfied by the bull, something the cuck is unable to do. Given his alpha male status, the bull may humiliate the cuck by making him lick his cum out of his wife’s pussy and will often humiliate the cuckold even more by making him suck his large cock. Most cuckold husbands learn to eroticize this, especially if the cuckold bull has a very large cock, and become aroused by all kinds of small cock humiliation.

What Are Hot Wives? A hot wife is the unsatisfied wife of a cuckold husband. Often the cuckold’s small cock and sexual inadequacy left the his wife unsatisfied for years until he finally admitted his cuckold fantasies to her, encouraging her to seek out other partners. A hot wife will almost always seek out well hung studs, not only for her own sexual satisfaction but sometimes also because she's sexually aroused by humiliating the cuckold by showing the pleasure she gets from a large cock. She may even become a "size queen", only having sex with large cocks. The hot wife usually has complete control over selecting her other sexual partners and his lack of any control over his wife's sexual adventures is part of the cuckold humiliation.

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